Trader Joe’s just shared this quick and easy sticker soup recipe – and fans are giving it rave reviews


Soup season is here in full force this year, which means it’s time to break out the slow cooker (or Dutch oven) and enjoy the cozy meal you deserve. We have plenty of easy options to keep the rotation going during the colder months, including some 30 minute miraclesand now Trader Joe’s is adding another comforting bowl to our menu.

Illustrated recipe: Potsticker and vegetable soup

The retailer has just shared its recipe for Soup potsticker, and you’ll only need eight ingredients to make it. Just break out Trader Joe’s mirepoix mix, low sodium chicken broth (water also works), baby spinach, reduced sodium soy sauce, organic toasted sesame oil, cilantro and onion in TJ’s Crispy Chili, the popular twist on chili crisp. The star ingredient is Trader Joe’s gyoza, and this recipe asks you to choose your favorite filling, whether it’s chicken, pork, shrimp, or vegetables.

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To make the soup, first heat some olive oil – or your favorite cooking oil – in a skillet, then add your gyoza and cook the dumplings for about 10 minutes or until tender. golden on both sides. Remove the meatballs from the heat and put in a pot with a little more olive oil. Fry the mirepoix until the onion is tender, then add your broth (or water) and bring everything to a boil. Once the pot is bubbling, add the spinach, sesame oil and soy sauce, stirring well. Then add your potstickers and start filling the bowls, garnishing each with fresh cilantro and a dollop of chili crisp.

With such a simple recipe, you could have dinner on the table in as little as 25 minutes. And the best part is the customization of the recipe – you can easily turn this soup into a meal to clean out of the fridge, especially if you have wilting greens or other veggies around. You can add sliced ​​chiles or mushrooms to the mirepoix cooking process, add leftover kale during the spinach step, or even swap out the toppings to include whatever you have on hand, whether it’s green onions or your favorite hot sauce.

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The recipe immediately drew rave reviews from shoppers, some of whom made their own modifications to the recipe. “I make this so often, it’s such a quick and easy dinner,” one commenter wrote. Another added that they love making this soup with the store’s miso-ginger broth for added flavor, while others recommended adding bok choy instead of spinach or adding grated ginger for cooking the mirepoix.

You can also use TJ’s potstickers in a cozy and flavorful recipe like our Potsticker and vegetable soup—we love the texture and extra protein this soup gets by adding frozen shelled edamame to the ingredient list. (They would also be quite tasty in that quick jump.)

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