Ticket to paradise. Nice ingredients. Defective recipe?

George Clooney and Julia Roberts. To fall in love. On the screen.

It is, by nature, watchable!

Throw in a beautiful place, a nice upbeat premise and we can’t blame it TICKET TO PARADISE no matter how much box office and critical goodwill it manages to muster.

So, let’s get the “bad” out of the way first.

  • All this has already been done, better. In particular by Julia, towards THE WEDDING OF MY BEST FRIEND.
  • Clooney is charming, yes. But even in comedy, it’s nice to have a definition on your character’s skills/career description etc. Precious little one here. Too bad, because it’s so good to see the man at least trying to have fun again, in a white-collar context, amid glorious escapism and glamour. PLEASE give us at least one more action movie sir? Or a return as Dr. Ross? Even Bruce Wayne? Because it’s just a disposable warm-up act.
  • The clips are HILARIOUS! Too bad these are reserved for the end credits; which contain more laughs than the actual FILM.
  • You have a fascinating and potentially wacky but layered premise. Estranged parents band together to sabotage their daughter’s upcoming wedding. The film seems to forget this tension, these issues and all the comic and even dramatic possibilities that arise from such editing.


1: The world NEEDS this now. Comes the hour, comes the film. Sure, certain, comforting, escape. It’s a shame we can’t bring the cast and the location home, from the movies.

2: George and Julia look great. Yes, older. But always, charming, radiant, charismatic and full of life. It’s a joy just to look at them.

3: Sure, a few laughs. But quantity is not quality. When you laugh here it works/counts/helps etc.

4: Beautifully shot/lit/framed and energized with real glimpses of exotic life.

5: Great soundtrack. #daddancing 🙂

So even though I can’t “recommend” TICKET TO PARADISE? I can’t find it in my heart not to. Does that make sense? My apologies if this is not the case. The film is harmless spin-off entertainment but done with style, class, brilliance and undeniable charm. Another B-grade curiosity / special case.

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