This Copycat Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli Soup Recipe for the Slow Cooker is perfect for back to school

Back to school is full of emotions. But our schedules suddenly turn into an endless list of soccer practices, study sessions, game rehearsals and more. Finding the time to put a decent and delicious meal on the table can seem impossible.

The slow cooker is a busy family’s best friend when it comes to preparing meals during this busy time. And, with the cooler weather ahead, we love the idea of ​​a delicious bowl of soup. The passionate Penny Pincher hearty recipe for The garden of olive trees Fagioli Pasta Soup might be the perfect solution for an easy meal with minimal prep that’s ready to eat when you get home.


Why go out to dinner (and pay all that money) when you can sample your favorite restaurant at home? That’s what we love about this recipe.

Fagioli pasta is an Italian variety of soup that translates into English as “pasta and beans.” It has a lot in common with minestrone soup, not only by its national origin, but also by the fact that it is a hearty dish made from beef and tomatoes. However, the main difference between the two soups is how the pasta and beans are the stars of the show in Pasta Fagioli.

This soup is one of the most popular choices on the Olive Garden menu. Now Passionate Penny Pincher’s recipe makes it so easy to simmer this soup at home. You may never do takeout again!


The basic ingredients you will need for this Slow Cooker Pasta Fagioli Soup are ground beef; onion, celery and carrots; cans of diced tomatoes, kidney beans and navy beans; and spices you probably already have on hand. You will also need a jar of spaghetti sauce and your choice of pasta.

You can get the exact amounts and step-by-step instructions from the Penny Pincher’s Passionate Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli Soup Recipe.

Note: This soup makes a large batch, so be sure to use a large slow cooker to accommodate all the ingredients. And get ready for delicious leftovers for lunch or dinner over the next few days!

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