Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe | Epicurious

Keep this classic stuffed mushroom recipe in mind when looking for appetizers or side dishes for any cool weather group affair. Need a thanksgiving snack Where New Year’s aperitif? Open a bottle of wine or pour some martinis and pass around a tray of these easy stuffed mushrooms. People will talk.

While we’re sticking with panko for the most part, one of the secrets to this recipe is to start with crispy homemade breadcrumbs. To these we simply add sautéed vegetables, herbs, minced garlic and Parmesan cheese for a weightless touch of umami (skip the cream cheese, goat cheese and mozzarella here). What is the best variety of mushrooms utilize? Something solid. Simple old white mushrooms are ideal, but crimini mushrooms (sometimes called baby bella mushrooms) work well too – avoid their big brother, portobello mushrooms, as they are too large for this recipe.

Steaming and precooking the mushroom caps (cavity side down) for a few minutes helps them release more liquid, and you can do this ahead of time to cut down on prep time on your pick day. Finally, stuff the cavities of the mushrooms and roast them in a shallow ovenproof dish or on a baking sheet until golden brown.

Don’t be surprised if the mushrooms disappear within minutes.