Sphere cocktail: Pina Colada spherification recipe

Joshua Ivanovic from JungleBird, Kuala Lumpur shares his recipe for his Pina Colada in a pod for the ultimate garnish. By Holly Graham.

On a recent trip to Rum den JungleBird in Kuala Lumpur, I shared the many cocktails I had on Instagram, but one really seemed to pique the attention of professionals in the bar industry. – the white sphere at the top of a clarified Pina Colada. Lots of bartenders asked what it was, so Joshua kindly shared her method and recipe.

“Spherification is one of those techniques you learn when you first get into molecular mixology, except I’ve never really dabbled in molecular mixology until now,” says Joshua. “We had the idea that the sparkling Pina Colada clarified when writing our current menu coincides with the JungleBird move in October 2020, which is a long time to keep the same menu, ”says Joshua, explaining that half of this period the bar was closed due to COVID, and half the time the borders were closed if out of – city dwellers just try the drinks.

The entire Rummin’ Round the World menu is a collection of classic cocktails hailing from major rum-producing countries, lesser-known like Haitian creams or Puerto Rico’s iconic Pina Colada. Each service has been redesigned to reflect the more modern look and feel of the new space, while staying true to the classic recipe in terms of flavor profiles. “The goal of the sphere is to do just that,” says Joshua. “A not-so-subtle nod to the creamy liquid you’d expect from a Colada, neatly wrapped in a thin bite of jelly-skinned pineapple and coconut.” The sphere is served on a mini wooden spoon to ensure the aforementioned pop doesn’t arrive prematurely inside the crystal-clear Pina Colada the team has spent the past two days clearing up.

Pina Colada sphere recipe:
50ml Plantation Pineapple Rum
150ml coconut cream
15 drops citric/malic acid solution
60ml pineapple juice
5g sodium alginate
7g Calcium lactate
1L of water

Mix sodium alginate and water. Pour into a plastic container, cover and refrigerate for an hour. Mix the other ingredients and pour into a plastic bottle for gastro sauce. Refrigerate for one hour then fill 15 ml half-sphere silicone moulds. Freeze for three hours then, using a bar spoon, carefully remove the molds and place them in the sodium alginate water solution, rotating each sphere for 20 to 30 seconds until that it is evenly coated. Finally, transfer to a bath of clean water and keep cool. Consume within three days.