Rajamouli and Prashant Neel share the same secret recipe

SS Rajamouli is by far one of the finest commercial filmmakers in Indian cinema. It followed Baahubali’s epic duology with fellow box office winner RRR. KGF Prashanth Neel’s fame has also hit the big stage now with KGF 2. Interestingly enough, these two directors take a very similar approach.

Rajamouli retains his core crew for all of his films. He works with the same technical team – K Senthil Kumar (director of photography), MM Keeravani (music), among others since the beginning of his career. He is fully aware of their abilities and vice versa. With such a stable team, Rajamouli is able to bring his vision to life on the big screen.

Interestingly, even Prashanth Neel shares the same recipe. He, too, worked with the same team throughout his brief but very successful career. He worked with Bhuvan Gowda (cinematographer) and Ravi Basrur (music) from his debut film, Ugramm until his recent release KGF 2.

Apparently, these two directors seem eager to work with the same technical team for all their projects. While other directors like to explore other options when it comes to music and cinematography, Rajamouli and Prashanth Neel think otherwise.

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