Mindchatter perfects its recipe on sophomore album ‘DREAM SOUP’

Mindchatter explores a mix of unique sounds and concepts with their incredible second album on Mind of a Genius, DREAM SOUP!

From his first songs to the release of his first album, imaginary audience, Thought won praise from fans and tastemakers in the scene. Most recently, the New York-based producer toured with Polo & Pan to bring his new live show to cities across North America while building anticipation for his second album, DREAM SOUP,

Over the past few months, Mindchatter has teased leads DREAM SOUP, including “Math,” “nothing about me,” “It’s good (it’s not good),” “thumb of the earth,” and “Answer me.” Today, this genre-bending multi-instrumentalist unveiled the full 13-track aural experience that boasts influences from dance, indie and pop, while showcasing the unique production style that brings out his music. Each track takes on a life of its own, transporting listeners into the world of Mindchatter where the uncontrolled chatter in the skull will stir up all sorts of feelings and philosophical questions.

We are all made of cosmic mud and we will come back to that soon. At a young age, we begin to imagine what our ideal self looks like and we build an identity around that image. We then spend a large part of our life reinforcing the personality we have created.

The album, DREAM SOUP, is about how our own identities get in the way. The opening line says “I forgot who I was, wish it would last but now I’m back, now I’m back.” The best times in life are when we are free from ourselves.


Listen to Mindchatter DREAM SOUP on Spotify or your favorite platformand read on for a deeper dive into the album’s tracks.

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The first taste of DREAM SOUP comes in the form of “Human Shape”, a hitting track with all the ingredients, from vocals to its downtempo yet danceable rhythm.

human formbegins with a labored breathing sample and a seductive bassline before dropping into a low-key but bouncy melody. Mindchatter’s crooning vocals contrast perfectly with the darker bassline and bring a complementary lightness to the song. There are also portions of lyrics that are hit with bursts of echo giving “Human Shape” more depth and even more love. As the album’s lead track, it does a perfect job of drawing you into the world of Mindchatter and leaving you excited and curious to hear more.

“It’s Ok (It’s Not Ok)” touches on the fragility of vulnerability but with a warm, inviting feel.

It’s good (It’s not good)is packed with worldly elements, from Latin touches to the swing of every percussion instrument. These classic elements paired with arpeggiated synths will make your body vibrate and vibrate to the beat. In contrast, “Glide” has a more unsettling and eerie vibe. The intermittent lyrics can be heard saying “tonight I’m going to be someone else”, which you can interpret as the voice in your head that keeps you from being your true self.

thumb of the earthshines with its simple layout, whileAnswer meshines with its vocal treatment and energetic rhythm. A recurring theme throughout the album is the incredible vocal processing that allows Mindchatter’s vocals to take many forms. “Answer Me” is a great example. The first voice you hear on this track is Mindchatter’s, but it’s muted before his basic airy voice comes in. Her voice is distorted by additional effects like reverb, echo, and pitch at different parts of the song.

“Here I Go Again” and “Math” are very standout singles that will live rent-free in your mind from the first listen.

Here we go againis another simply arranged track with more danceable elements throughout. The driving bass line sets the pace and flow before being joined by Mindchatter’s muffled vocals. The lyrics allude to falling back into broken routines, something almost everyone can relate to.As he mentioned in his previous quote, sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle on the path to greatness and success.

“Hide Your Face” is a standout on the album, reminiscent of late-night dance parties and festival shenanigans.

Displaying a deeper house/electronica vibe, “Hide your face” allows Mindchatter’s floating vocals to shine alongside the arpeggiated synths and dark, looming rhythm. This is another track where you can definitely hear his vocals being chopped up and distorted to create some interesting buildups and bridges. As the more danceable track on the album, it adds a nice burst of energy as we listen past the halfway mark. DREAM SOUP.

“Nothing On Me” and “Starlight” are easy to hear and will surely brighten up your day with their upbeat and captivating sounds.

When you need someone to pick me up, “nothing about me” will boost your atmosphere. When you need to distract yourself from stressors, “Stars light” will pamper you. Each with their own personality, “Nothing On Me” has a more upbeat and cheerful vibe while “Starlight” carries a more serious tone. The first evokes the idea of ​​investing in someone or something you love rather than negative vices, while the second paints a picture of a day in the life of Mindchatter as he travels the city that never sleeps.

sticks and stones” has a ballad-like feel as if Mindchatter is singing straight to you. It’s a stripped-down track driven by emotional hits from the piano and his prominent vocals. Later joined by simple percussive elements, “Sticks And Stones” has less more production brilliance than the other tracks on the album, allowing the core elements to comfortably lead.

Beginning with a warm sound of Rhodes in his keys, “Too small, Too lateis accompanied by a sensual rhythm. This track lives at the intersection of electronica and indie-pop as it draws influence from each genre and blends perfectly with the magic of Mindchatter’s production. As the album draws to a close, “Too Little, Too Late” gently invites listeners to DREAM SOUP final song.

DREAM SOUP comes to a grand but tender conclusion with its final track, “I’ll Keep Trying To Explain”.

The piano “I’ll keep trying to explain” acts as a beautifully crafted outro song – whether it was written for that purpose or not, this one ends on a subtle note bringing Mindchatter’s vocals and instrumentation to the forefront of the track. It reinforces rightly the exact things that stand out in all of DREAM SOUP.

When there are few barriers to entry into the production game, Mindchatter has honed its craft and found a way to stand out from the crowd.

His songwriting ability, mastery of multiple instruments, and unique approach to music production make Mindchatter one of the most exciting producers to watch right now. If you want to see Mindchatter live, it will take DREAM SOUP on the road, or if you go to Coachella Weekend 2, you can find him on the Do LaB stage!

Mind chatter – DREAM SOUP – List of tracks:

  1. human form
  2. It’s good (it’s not good)
  3. To glide
  4. Thumb of the Earth
  5. Answer me
  6. Here we go again
  7. Math
  8. Hide your face
  9. nothing about me
  10. Stars light
  11. sticks and stones
  12. Too little, too late
  13. I’ll keep trying to explain

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