“MasterChef”, “The Great American Recipe” and other delicious TV programs to discover

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Seasoned veteran season continues on the Fox competition series. The first knockout round is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, when the 20 competing chefs – who previously appeared on the show – get an overhaul of the dish that sent them home the first time around. A week later, on June 22, host Gordon Ramsay (above) charges the remaining hopefuls with a quick triple-dish challenge based on an alcoholic mystery box ingredient. Cheers!-Damien Holbrook Wednesdays, 8/7c, Fox

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Sand, surf and turf wars are on the menu as two teams of four chefs representing the east and west coasts try to prove that their side of the country has the best beach restaurants. Hosted by chef Antonia Lofaso, the six-week culinary showdown kicks off with foodies whipping up walk-worthy dishes, ranging from fried and cheesy treats to sweet treats even tastier than the $25,000 grand prize getaway . Chef Brooke Williamson leads the West Coasters, while Chef Tiffani Faison takes over the East. —Damien Holbrook First in the series Sunday June 19, 10/9c, Food Network, Découverte+

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Prepare to dive into America’s crucible in this uplifting eight-part kitchen showcase, which runs until August 12. Host Alejandra Ramos, chef, food writer and contributor to the Today show, embarks on a national search for the “great American recipe” in the PBS series, which mixes camaraderie and competition. Ten diverse and talented home cooks whip up their tastiest signature dishes — from Korean gochujang chicken tacos to the beloved meatball recipe passed down from a contestant’s Italian grandmother — while sharing their own stories personal about food. They will be judged by chefs Tiffany Derry, Graham Elliot and Leah Cohen. The winning plate adorns the cover of The Big Cookbook of American Recipeswhich will feature over 100 recipes from the show’s contestants, Ramos and the judges.

The heart of the series is not so much the variety of appetizing dishes as the fascinating stories behind them. According to Derri, Recipe was chosen with this in mind: “You have to have people who not only understand food and are great cooks, but are also great storytellers.” It’s a win-win for viewers. “In the end,” she adds, “you will be inspired.” —Jeff Pfeiffer Series premiere Friday, June 24, 9/8c, PBS (check local listings at pbs.org)

Other tasty treats streaming

Somebody Feed Phil (Credit: courtesy of Netflix)

Somebody Feed Phil

From Maine to Madrid, the gastronomic and tourist exploits of Allbody love Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal (right) is going on a perfect binge with the recently dropped fifth season. Stream Now, Netflix

the bear

Shameless‘ Jeremy Allen White is the title of this half-hour comedy about a gifted young Chicago chef who struggles to manage his family’s sandwich shop. Premieres Thursday, June 23, Hulu

Hunger for answers

Researcher and restaurateur Caroline Randall Williams takes a deep dive into the origins of black cuisine across the country in a four-part docuseries produced by Viola Davis. Stream Now, Discovery +