Liam Tomlin’s restaurants now offer recipe cards

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Liam Tomlin and his team have launched a selection of bespoke recipe cards featuring a range of easy-to-prepare dishes, all created by the chefs at his signature Cape Town restaurants.

The limited-edition recipe cards cost R250 per set and can be purchased at any restaurant in Liam.

The sale of which is donated to the Chefs Warehouse MIND YOUR BACKS initiative, which helps support young aspiring chefs from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Launched pre-COVID, Mind Your Backs began as an initiative to address mental health challenges and provide support to restaurant industry players.

“Before COVID I was setting up a foundation called MIND YOUR BACKS, it was a registered company with board members, with a whole medical side set up and of course Covid came along and it changed the landscape of the foundation and we had to put it on the back burner for a while.

“The organization focused on mental health in the restaurant industry and aimed to provide much needed assistance to people in this space. Before covid, we had situations in our kitchens and in front of the house where people were struggling with alcoholism, drugs, depression and anxiety. As many of them cannot afford to access necessary medication and assistance, this bothered me and hence I decided to start MIND YOUR BACKS,” adds Liam.

COVID threw a spanner in the wheel and a poignant event led the organization to change direction and initiative.

In Memory Of Mark Mbotya

When restaurants were allowed to operate after the harsh lockdown, one of Chefs Warehouse’s integral team members tragically died in a car crash. Mark Mbotya was a young chef who worked alongside Ivor Jones for three years at Beau Constantia and the loss devastated the teams.

Paying homage to Mark, Liam decided to relaunch MIND YOUR BACKS with a focus on helping aspiring young chefs who cannot afford formal education and training.

Applications for the internship began with 480 people who all went through a rigorous interview process.

“In the end, we welcomed 13 young people from different backgrounds, street children, child victims of sex trafficking, abused children and children from very poor backgrounds. In the final round of interviews, we interviewed selected applicants with a parent/guardian. I knew we would have an impact on the 13 selected because there is an adjustment curve to restaurant life and we have 7 amazing young students left.

Participating students complete a three-year apprenticeship by working for six months at a time at restaurants owned by Liam Tomlin, including Beau Constantia, Thali and more.

“At the end, we guarantee them a full-time job and if they decide to move on afterwards, we help them with this process,” says Liam. “We have made some serious changes in their lives and these kids have only been with us for 9 months and I can see a change in them from when I interviewed them to now, how their confidence, ambition and more have grown from the beginning until now. ”

Recipe cards

The recipe cards are delivered in a gift box of 6 recipes. In the first set there is a recipe from Liam Tomlin, Ivor jones, David Schneider, Nathanael ‘Nate’ Coe, Braam Beyers and Killian Zietsman.

Each recipe card includes a simple signature dish, from Liam’s famous frittata to Ivor’s beloved custard and more.

Although the internship has received support from several brands in the form of knives, shoes and clothing for the students, the sale of these cards will help strengthen the program and cover necessary costs and additional expenses.

“On each card, there are a few words from each of the leaders about what MIND YOUR BACKS means to them and why they got involved in the cause. Once we’ve exhausted set one, we’ll create set two which will include recipes from restaurant sous chefs, set three will be by pastry chefs, set four with sommeliers, and set five and eventually when we have enough material, I plan to put it into a book.

To get your hands on these recipe cards, go to one of the Chefs Warehouse restaurants!