How to Make Pumpkin Spice Latte: Recipe to Recreate Starbucks’ Popular Fall Beverage

Famous pumpkin spice latte maker Starbucks launched its seasonal fall menu a few weeks ago and it’s a hit with coffee lovers as three percent more customers bought it compared to to 2021. But, a large drink size costs £3.65 – 10p more than last year depending on location. Here’s how you can make your own pumpkin spice latte at home for 70% less.

While the in-store drink is a little more expensive, buying it on a food delivery service like Uber Eats and Deliveroo saw its price rise by 41 per cent, costing £5.15 for a large one – and that excludes shipping cost.

“Starbucks’ signature espresso and steamed milk with the famous flavor combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.”

Customers can “enjoy it topped with whipped cream and real pumpkin pie spice.”

The drink contains milk, two shots of espresso, pumpkin sauce, pumpkin spice filling and whipped cream.

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Whole milk/plant based alternative – price per 236ml £0.36/£0.44

Pumpkin – price for 1 tbsp £0.02

Instant coffee – price per 30ml £0.34

Granulated sugar – price for 1 tbsp £0.01

Vanilla extract – price per 7ml £0.29

Ground cinnamon – price per pinch £0.01

Ground ginger – price per pinch £0.01

Ground nutmeg – price per pinch £0.20

Ground cloves – price per pinch £0.01

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4. Once the pumpkin has cooled, scoop out the flesh and place it in a food processor. Puree the pumpkin until smooth – you can add a few drops of water if the machine has trouble pureeing.

5. When you are ready to make the latte, add the milk, pumpkin puree and sugar to a saucepan and heat over medium heat. Do not boil this mixture, as the milk may curdle.

6. Once the mixture is hot, add the spices, vanilla extract and 30 ml of freshly brewed coffee.

7. Stir then pour into a cup and enjoy!