Hot Toddy Recipe | Epicurious

The classic grog is one of the simplest cocktails out there; it’s the perfect winter drink to do at home, even when your bar collection is available. A mixture of boiling water, whiskeyhoney and lemon juice is a nice way to warm up on a cold night.

However, there are almost countless ways to brew grog. Some recipes call for making the drink with hot tea or adding a cinnamon stick or a slice of lemon as a garnish. Some swap the honey for maple syrup or brown sugar. You can even simmer cinnamon, whole cloves and a wedge of star anise, the same spices you might put in Cider or mulled wine – in your hot water to add extra flavor. And, of course, you can choose your favorite spirit: bourbon is delicious, but toddies can also be made with Irish whiskey, scotch, brandy or dark rum. Take it a step further and experiment by making a toddy of one of your favorite classic cocktail recipes. You can probably imagine how much a old fashioned turns into a hot drink when you add hot water. But did you know that you can toddy a negroni? Yet this classic hot toddy recipe hits all the right notes and only requires three ingredients (plus a kettle) to create the heated drink. Some people also claim that it helps soothe a sore throat; your doctor may have other ideas about what is best for this.