Greens, Poached Pear and Black-Eyed Pea Salad Recipe Review

Needless to say he put his foot, his neck, and back to his Thanksgiving dinner! Everything was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and the dishes complemented each other beautifully – Alexander effortlessly weaved his personal family history with the heritage of black southern lifestyles and his connection to West Africa. Although every part of the meal was outstanding, the dish I kept thinking about for days was the salad of poached pears and black-eyed peas.

I often vote to skip the salad on the Thanksgiving table. It’s not because I don’t like salads (proof otherwise: here, hereand here), but mostly because there’s already so much on the Thanksgiving table that sometimes it feels like we’re putting it there just to say we got a salad as a gift. This, however, is not the case at all when it comes to Alexander’s Thanksgiving salad. Let’s break down the components, shall we?

What makes this salad so amazing

I love the subtle development of flavors between the greens in this salad! Alexander used a variety of greens, ranging from mild to peppery to slightly bitter tasting (butter, arugula, and curly to name a few). This mixture of different vegetables automatically brings a touch of flavor to any salad. He also opted for Persian cucumbers over English cucumberswhich I love because Persian cucumbers have a slightly sweet flavor and aren’t as runny as English cucumbers.

This powerhouse salad also includes cherry tomatoes, red onions and a generous amount of black-eyed peas. There are two remaining components, however, which stand above all the rest for me. First up is the citrus vinaigrette, which is punchy yet well-balanced and really brings the whole dish to life. Last but not least, the real star of the show are the poached pears that delicately sprinkle the salad.

Alexandre’s recipe involves poaching slices of Bosc pears in a mixture of red wine, sugar and hot spices like cinnamon and star anise. It is very important to make sure not to overcook the pears because a mushy texture will compromise the taste of the whole salad. You want them to cook until fork tender, then let them cool in the fridge. These poached pear slices are sweet and flavorful, and they give this salad an extremely refined feel.

Besides their fabulous taste, the pears in the recipe are special because they pay homage to Alexander’s late father who planted a pear tree in their garden. A common thread in my conversation with Alexander that day was the importance of family. As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m grateful for so much this year. High on my list is the fact that this is the first Thanksgiving I’ve had with my entire family in almost a decade!

I’m planning on making this salad for them, which I know will totally wow them, so I’m also very grateful to Alexander, his thoughtful recipes and the fact that he so generously shared them with the rest of us. we .