Furious Gordon Ramsay dumps chefs recipe as they suffer huge mistake on Future Food Stars

FURIOUS Gordon Ramsay was seen tossing two chefs’ recipe after suffering a huge mistake on Future Food Stars.

The celebrity chef was seen tearing up the menu as Valentina and Victoria presented their pasta dish to a hall of students.


Gordon found his head in his hands as the chiefs revealed their mistakeCredit: BBC
Gordon was seen tearing up the recipe card in the episode


Gordon was seen tearing up the recipe card in the episodeCredit: BBC

Victoria, 28, from London, and Valentina, 37, from Italy, were paired up for the semi-final challenge on Thursday night.

Gordon, 55, had challenged the chefs to make a unique and special pasta dish to be part of the Pasta Evangelists online pasta menu.

The pair got busy trying to come up with a pasta recipe that would impress the chef and could be made from scratch in 45 minutes.

However, things quickly turned sour when the two women disagreed on what to do – and started arguing.

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Fans were left in awe as the couple struggled to decide on their recipe, and Valentina refused to weigh the ingredients for the menu.

Running away after their argument, Victoria found herself trying to write the recipe card on her own, despite Valentina not telling her what she added.

This meant that there were still a number of missing items and completely wrong measurements on the recipe card.

As Gordon watched, shaking her head, Valentina tried to cover up their mistakes, saying, “We had a few little issues with the recipe.

“Nothing major, just a few things we had to change. Unfortunately we forgot to write the whole recipe on the card.”

Giving confused instructions, Victoria and Valentina ended up talking to each other as they clarified what was going on.

This left Gordon furious, telling viewers, “I just noticed another problem with their card. Where’s the pasta method?”

The celebrity chef was then seen ripping the recipe card into pieces and throwing it behind him in the sink.

“There are no instructions,” he snapped as he ripped the paper, adding later as they pasted it down, “Just put it in the trash.”

Fans were shocked by the scenes and took to Twitter to react.

“Gordon looks like he’s losing it with these two,” one wrote, while a second chimed in, “Being wild with this recipe card.

‘I love it when they stress and fuck Gordon,’ agreed a third, while a fourth wrote: ‘It made my night really stressful’.

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“So Valentina refused to give Victoria a recipe, despite Victoria asking her for one several times, and then she had the nerve to say it was Victoria’s fault?” someone else added.

As a sixth fan wrote, “Could it have gone any further?” as another concluded, “No written method? What a mess.”

Gordon was frustrated by Valentina and Victoria's attempt


Gordon was frustrated by Valentina and Victoria’s attemptCredit: BBC