Drake is now chatting with someone about a fake vegan cookie recipe on Instagram

Prominent online music critic Anthony Fantano learns the hard (and hilariously) hard way this week that Drake doesn’t take kindly to accusations of sending people cookie recipes via Instagram DM.

In what might be the Canadian superstar’s weirdest beef to date, Drizzy took to IG on Thursday night with a screenshot of three messages he sent Fantano earlier this week – none of them. they weren’t particularly nice.

“Your existence is a light 1,” reads @champagnepapi’s message to @afantano. “And the 1 is because you’re alive. And because you kind of married a black girl. I feel a slight to decent 1 about your existence.”

The “light 1” refers to the rating system used by Fantano on his popular YouTube channel, The Needle Drop. It constitutes a very low rating, similar to those that the reviewer gave to the last Drake albums.

It’s unclear why Drake decided to cold-DM Fantano with the aforementioned insults; some think Drizzy may have finally watched The Needle Drop’s review for Honestly, Nevermind, which Fantano calls “poorly produced, weakly sung” and “horribly underwritten”.

Either way, Fantano effectively turned the whole exchange into a weird Drake sh*tpost, dropping a new video on Thursday called “Drake Slid Into My DMs.”

Whether directly trolling the Toronto rapper or just having fun at his expense, Fantano uses the video to show fake messages he claims were sent to him by Drake (as opposed to what Drake actually sent).

“Anthony! It’s Drizzy. I know we really don’t agree on the music and you’re not the biggest fan of most of my albums,” Champagne Papi’s photoshopped post reads. “But it is what it is, you know. I always hope you like the next one!”

“But I’m not messaging you about your videos. In fact, I’m messaging you because I found a really great vegan cookie recipe that I’d like you to try!”

Next is a full recipe with step-by-step instructions for making some pretty good-sounding coconut cookies.

“I would really appreciate it if you could give this a try and let me know if it’s worth trying myself!” the fake message ends. “I like you! Drizzy out!”

Hours after the YouTube video was uploaded, Drake retaliated on Instagram by posting screenshots of the messages he had actually sent to Fantano, making it clear he hadn’t and had never sent. sent cookie recipes to reviewer.

Fans had suspected the recipe messages were fake, but many were surprised to learn that Fantano had actually messaged Drake.

The YouTuber seems to love the attention.

“I made this man disclose his own DMs”, he bragged on Twitter late Thursday, request responses from his own fans on how clearly Drake looks at The Needle Drop, as evidenced by the “light 1” reference.

“My rating system lives rentless in its head,” Fantano wrote in another post, shortly after.this female dog shared the salty ass DM to over 100 million people.”

The folks on Twitter rave about the exchange, calling it hilarious and praising Fantano for the stunt.

“Fantano turning Drake DM insulting him into a vegan sh*tpost is so good, my icon,” wrote a. “Better yet, Drake got so mad at people thinking he sent Fantano a cookie recipe that he decided to capture his insults and post them on his story to 119 million followers.”

“This man Drake sent @theneedledrop some mean DMs, Fantano took it as a G and made a joke out of it and the world couldn’t have been the wiser,” wrote another.

“Then Drake leaked his own DMs out of spite. Safest rapper ever…Hope that’s an elaborate prank because wow.”

Drake stans, too, gets tough on defending the Grammy-winning rapper and letting Fantano know his thoughts. his work.

“Anthony Fantano is a loser with way too much to say about black music. Needless to say, I’m definitely here for Drake’s dm to him,” wrote a.

“I don’t care how cheesy or insecure it looks or how much attention Fantano is going to get with him, Drake telling Anthony Fantano ‘I feel light to decent 1 on your existence’ is the fucking funniest shit ever,” wrote another.

It doesn’t matter which side of the fray they are on (if any side at all), people really deliver the jokes of the exchange.

Namely, as a Twitter user wrote when sharing the screenshot of Drizzy’s real DM with the music critic: “Earliest known evidence of Drake dming someone his own age.”