Disney Dreamlight Valley: how to cook raw vegetables | recipe guide

The simplest recipe that just doesn’t seem to work for some players.

One of the most misleading (and obligatory) recipes Disney Valley of Dreams is Raw vegetables. This French appetizer is incredibly simple to make in-game and IRL — you just need a bunch of raw, washed veggies and a dressing. Vegetables don’t even matter. You can use carrots, peppers, zucchini or whatever you prefer. The same games in the kitchen at Chez Remy. There is just one problem with the cooking of raw vegetables. From now on, the the recipe for the game is wrong.

We’ll explain more below. This is either an error or an intentional confusion. Disney Valley of Dreams is still in Early Access, although it has grown in popularity since its release. There’s a lot of unfinished stuff in this magical realm, and we’re expecting plenty of fresh updates to fix issues like this in the near future. And that includes new kingdoms, new classic characters to befriend, and new buildings to dive into your customizable village.

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How to cook raw vegetables | recipe guide

Raw vegetables are a simple raw vegetable spread Disney Valley of Dreams. You can cook after the reopening At Remy’s and complete Remy’s friendship quests. Upgrading the restaurant lets you start cooking and unlocking recipes, and one of the first recipes you’ll need to cook is Raw vegetables.

  • Raw vegetables recipe: x1 Vegetable [Any] — Excluding lettuce.

The recipe in your cookbook says [Any Vegetable] But this is not true. If you use lettuce in your recipe, you will always have Salad instead. You can use any vegetable EXCEPT lettuce to create raw vegetables. This is what makes this recipe so confusing for some players. There’s a reason this happens. In Disney Valley of Dreams, some recipes have specific requirements while others can use almost any ingredient. For raw vegetables, you can use any vegetable. But, salad is made when using x1 Lettuce. If you use x1 Lettuce in the cooking menu, you will always get salad – it takes precedence over raw vegetables which can be made with any vegetable.

It sounds confusing, but it’s really simple. You can use Eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, peppers and more. You can find seeds for planting vegetables in several stalls in the kingdom. These are all natural ingredients, so you won’t need to unlock more purchase options from Chez Remy, who will sell eggs, peanuts, milk, and more ingredients once you upgrade their friendship by completing quests. Be sure to check out our full recipe guide or learn how to cook ratatouille in the link list above. There’s still a lot to cover in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so expect even more updates in the future.