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Chefs go on a mission to find the ultimate “non-original recipe”

KFC’s 11 elusive secret herbs and spices are one of the biggest mysteries people around the world are trying to unravel. From Youtube tutorials to TikTok hacks – every fried chicken fan has tried to replicate the original – all claiming to have finally solved the secret recipe.

But what about culinary experts? Can they replicate the finger-licking goodness?

On International Fried Chicken Day (July 6), two renowned Filipino chefs are on a mission to try these viral “non-original recipe” fried chicken creations, to see if any of them even comes close to the original.

World-class Executive Chef Vic Barangan of the Richmonde Hotel and Chef Mark Joseph aka Chef Marky, a veteran of restaurant kitchens over the past decade, will cook 11 of the most popular KFC hacks found online to taste by themselves if any of them would finally Reveal the 11 secret herbs and spices behind the Colonel’s famous fried chicken.

Find them at or follow #TheUnoriginalRecipes #NothingLikeKFC on July 6.

As these culinary experts try to unravel the mystery behind the secret recipe, the fast-food chain will celebrate International Fried Chicken Day with a free delivery promotion to remind fans what makes its original recipe chicken unique to its chain of stores. .

There’s no better way to spend a day devoted to fried chicken than feasting on fried chicken. That’s why KFC offers its customers free delivery when they order at or through its mobile app.

For a minimum spend of ₱550, all customers need to do is use voucher code “KFCTHEOG” on July 6 and orders will be delivered for free.