Chef Reham Elmansy presents an easy recipe for Circassian chicken

Circassian Chicken (Chicken Sharkaseya) is one of many people’s favorite dishes and one of the main dishes for family gatherings. Therefore, food blogger and chef Reham Elmansy showed off his easy recipe presentation technique with this dish.

Elmansy studied at City & Guilds Certified Chef, and she decided to introduce the best way to make Circassian Chicken retain its rich, simple and delicious taste, while following an easy preparation process.

Chief Reham Elmansy


Boiled chicken breasts

Egyptian white rice

A cup of nuts

6 slices of toasted bread

A small onion

cooking cream

A tablespoon of melted butter



After boiling the chicken pieces, and cooking the rice in the traditional way, prepare the sauce which is at the heart of the recipe.

Grind the cup of nuts in the food processor, after adding the pieces of toast and separating its crusts, then mix them together in the food processor.

Then cut the onion into very small pieces.

Bring a frying pan and heat the melted butter before adding the onions.

When the color of the onions changes, add the toasted bread crusts and cook for 2 minutes.

After that, add the mixture of nuts and mix them for two minutes before adding the soup gradually until the texture of the combination becomes balanced.

Leave it on medium heat, and add the cooking cream before seasoning the mixture and blending it once more with the immersion blender.

After blending, return the pan to the heat for two minutes to heat through.

Finally, place the rice in the serving dish and add the chicken pieces and cover with the sauce.

enjoy your food

Contributed by Rana Atef