Chef John Manion’s steak recipe is made with fire

Since Manion is such a fan of flame, it stands to reason that one of the secret ingredients in her tomahawk steak recipe is hearth. Talk to Inside hook, he explains that while waiting at least 15 minutes for the wood fire to rage, poke a hole in the tomahawk, string it with food-grade steel wire, and hang the steak over the open flame. You don’t even have to touch the meat; let the fire do its job.

While the tomahawk slowly roasts for 45 minutes, Manion bastes the steak with a meaty butter. This, however, is not your traditional butter; as Chicago Food Magazine explains, Manion’s concoction uses meat fat and garlic cloves. After processing the leftover meat to form a burger-like consistency, place it in a Dutch oven over low heat until the fat breaks away from the solids, a process that can take several hours but is worth it. After straining and cooling, whisk in the garlic and salt for a meatier version of the usual buttery steak.

With a steak cooked like this, it’s no wonder Chicago Tribune restaurant critic Phil Vettel hailed Manion as the “master of the flame” at the Critic’s Choice Dining Awards (via Chicago Gourmet).