Photograph by Stefania Pifferi Freshly baked cookies are perfect for parties, and they’re even better when they’re healthy. Nagen Vegan Bakery offers a variety of vegan cookies called “coogens” (more vegan cookie) made without dairy or butter. Although neither co-founder Franko Cardozo nor Carl Veus are vegan, both wanted toRead More →

The Brazilian and Portuguese favorite is a stew made with beans, greens, rice and, in this case, pork. Anna Rossi gives you a taste of a family recipe she learned from a Brazilian friend. The dish takes its name from the Portuguese “feijão” for “bean”, and in many cultures itRead More →

Exclusive to subscribers Courtesy of Michael Kane, founder of Kane Brewing in Ocean, New Jersey, this imperial stout recipe for aging in a cask of spirits is based on their award-winning A Night to End All Dawns. Photo: Courtesy of Kane Brewing All Access subscribers can download the Beersmith andRead More →