Best Instant Pot Copycat Bourbon Chicken Recipe

Calling all mall rats and people who just love delicious, easy chicken recipes! This Bourbon Chicken is the mall food court dish of my teenage years. If you hung out in the malls in the 90s, you were probably chased through the food court to try this delicious gravy dish. chicken leg recipe on a toothpick. Then you had to use your allowance to buy a plate of that sweet and savory meal (or was it just me?). Now, as an adult, I can make this dish at home in the comfort of the Instant Pot when I want, and I share it with you so you can too.

If you ever wondered what was actually in this iconic dish, now is your chance! The sauce gets its signature sweet flavor from a combination of soy sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, ginger, garlic and Bourbon, sure. Don’t worry, the sauce is not alcoholic at all; the bourbon adds just the perfect accent to the Asian-inspired sauce, making the flavor so unique.

The Instant Pot is the real savior of this dish, so it’s easy to make this delicious weekday dinner in less than an hour (no need to drive to the mall). Like they did at the mall, serve that chicken in sauce rice Where mashed potatoes with a vegetable side.

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