Best Food Subscription and Recipe Box Deals and Monthly Deals


he weekly magazine is dead. Well, for some of us anyway: the wise few who have discovered the simple, streamlined joys of recipe box services.

You know the genre: large boxes delivered right to your door with easy-to-follow instruction cards and precisely the right ingredients to make a satisfying dinner, down to the last leaf of spinach. All packaging is recyclable, ingredients are fresh and seasonal whenever possible, and waste is a dirty word. Better for your wallet as well as your waistline; everyone is a winner with a recipe box dinner.

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re already familiar with the delights and convenience of meal kit services. Or, if you haven’t tried a recipe box yet, your appetite is sure to be whetted.

What’s great is that well-known brands such as Gousto, Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef and more are constantly coming up with new customer specials and menu options to keep hungry diners coming back for more.

From cash on your first order (or first orders), dramatically reducing the cost per plate, to themed menus that make seemingly delicate cooking beautifully easy, there are plenty of reasons to jump aboard the bandwagon of recipe box.

In this monthly series, we’ll review the best deals, perks, and promotions to help you decide.

Set the table and put on the apron; you’re just a few clicks away from cooking up a storm.



Prices: From £24.99 pp for two people.

Offers: New customers can claim a huge 60% off their first box, then 30% off the cost of each box ordered for the first month. There is no discount code required, just go to the site to claim your discount.

What is on the menu?: In August, Gousto launched a new section called Carbon Cutting Cuisine showcasing its lowest carbon recipes each week to help restaurants reduce their impact on the environment. Those choosing a low-carbon option for just one serving per week for a year could save up to 74kg of CO2e – that’s the same emissions as driving 188 miles!

While there are still a few weeks of summer to savour, the meals are lighter with a strong Mediterranean influence. Think spicy pasta with chilli and ‘Nduja, Greek-style lamb and Lebanese-style spiced rice topped with crispy Basa fish.

If you’re craving something more exotic, there are Korean, Brazilian, and Indian cuisine-inspired choices with options that can come together faster than you can say “what’s for dinner?” . Fast food minus the bad stuff.

Vegans have 15 options to choose from: Our money is on the Shredded Hoisin Fable Mushroom Wraps or the Butternut Squash Dal with Coconut Raita, which only takes 10 minutes to make.

hello fresh


Prices: From £28.49 for two people eating three meals.

Offers: Wipe 50% off the cost of your first box if you are a new customer, and 35% on the next three boxes.

What is on the menu?: From crowd-pleasing family favorites to calorie-measured entrees and quick-cook options that will come in handy on busy weeknights, there are over 37 recipes to cook from scratch. Hello Fresh also has side, lunch, and brunch options, so you don’t have to think a box is reserved for dinner.

Conscious leader

Conscious leader

Prices: Unlike its peers, Mindful Chef allows singles to order single person boxes. For five recipes a week it’s £58 – but that’s before the discount for new customers.

Offers: If you’re new to Mindful Chef, you can save 25 percent on each of your first four squares.

What is on the menu?: Granted, it’s a bit more expensive if you’re ordering for a household, but there’s a justification for that. Not only does Mindful Chef promise the best ingredients from UK farmers and growers for the healthiest recipes, they also donate a meal to a schoolchild who needs it for every meal you buy. The company has distributed 13 million meals to date, according to its website.

Our stomachs churned at the thought of Spicy Chicken Tikka with Carrot Salad which is also diabetes friendly, as the site points out. The warm smoked salmon, pomegranate and harissa salad would make a great summer lunch, or there’s miso roast chicken with root vegetable salad for those nights when you crave a heartier supper.