BBC ALBA calls on Scots to dig up their old cookbooks for a new round of pastries

BBC ALBA is calling on Scots to share their cherished and inherited cookbooks passed down through generations for a new series of Cidsin Granaidh Chalanais (Granny’s Kitchen).

They are handwritten or even typed collections of recipes collected by aunts, grandparents or other relatives and passed down.

Presented by Gregor Macleod, the Caledonia TV-produced series returns to 2023, as he cooks and cooks up a storm from his kitchen in Callanish, Lewis and across Scotland.

Gregor enjoyed the experience of cooking through his grandmother’s old cookbook, in which she had over 50 handwritten recipes.

The book is dog-eared and even includes extra notes in the margins with additional advice.

He has so relished the challenge of interpreting his recipes that he wants to find out what culinary delights have been passed on to the rest of the country by their friends and family.

This is where Gregor needs your help as he asks you to look at your favorite old cookbooks or the collected recipes for the new series.

Everything is allowed – from savory bites to sweet treats and everything in between.

In the first series of Granny’s Kitchen, Gregor cooked classic recipes like Braised Oxtail.

These are the tried-and-true recipes passed down from your family or scribbled down on the back of a notepad.

BBC ALBA is looking for a snapshot of Scotland’s pantry – of Gaelic speakers, ideally.

Gregor Macleod with Amanda.

From his grandmother, Gregor learned a lot about ingredients and cooking techniques of old, like carrageenan seaweed and oxtail, and he knows there’s more.

He said: “I learned so much about the ingredients and cooking techniques of yesteryear thanks to my grandmother and the precious handwritten recipe books she passed down to me.

“Through her recipes I learned how to cook and cook with ingredients like carragreen seaweed and oxtail – I know there will be many more treasures in the books passed down from friends and family Across the country.”

To notify Caledonia TV of your past cookbooks, email and leave your name and phone number.

Please submit as much detail as possible about the history of your cookbooks and the recipes they contain, along with any related photos.

Meanwhile, Gregor is back with another BBC ALBA winter warmer as he returns with a new series from Fuine.

He visits home bakers from all over the Western Isles to cook – and taste – the recipes they can always rely on, real crowd pleasers around the table.

In the first episode of series 8, Gregor bakes “Callanish muffins”.

Caledonia’s six-part TV production is a warm hug on a cold night with a gooey center bursting with flavor, from Donna’s coconut meringue tarts in Stornoway to Gregor’s homemade ‘Callanish muffins’ he serves in his bed and breakfast!

Follow and take recipe tips as other dishes such as Moroccan spiced lamb flatbreads at Point, baked Alaska at Barvas and espresso martini cocktails at Tong appear across the series.

Fuine is truly a slice of Scotland and a taste of the islands.

The first episode of Fuine will then air on BBC ALBA on Friday 4 November at 8.30pm and each episode will be on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after the first broadcast.

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