BA’s Best Pecan Pie Recipe

There are no chocolate chips, alcohol, or hard-to-find ingredients in this classic pecan pie recipe. Instead of focusing on the embellishments, we focused on the things that really matter here: the deep flavor of toasted pecans, a caramel creme, and the most flaky, butteriest crust ever.

The pie crust recipe is simple, but make sure you don’t overwork the dough and keep in mind that it’s blind baked, which means the pie crust is baked twice, once before adding the filling, then again after. Pecan pie filling can often fall into overly sweet territory, but adding blackstrap molasses and toasting the pecans to enhance their nuttiness helps keep the sweetness in check.

Like pumpkin pie and many other Thanksgiving staples, homemade pecan pie takes some planning. If you have time in the days or weeks before serving, consider making the simple pie crust, which can be stored in the freezer for up to two months. If you’re the host (and even if you’re not), feel free to bake the pie the night before, your guests will be equally impressed.

Serve it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and for a complete Thanksgiving dessert, another pie or two as well. Finally, don’t forget to have some aluminum foil on hand so you can send a few slices home with your guests for breakfast the next morning.