A spiritual bath recipe for the new moon in Virgo

Just over two weeks after our last supermoon of the year, the the new moon in Virgo rushes to ground us. Grounding is key right now to integrate the powerful energy of this Aquarius Super Moon, which took place on August 11th. This transformative Moon has helped us release many things that we no longer need in order to provide space to create and live in a new, more intentionally focused way. Virgos are go-getters. They are ambitious and often very organized, not only in their living space but also in life in general. Sometimes this orderly, laser-focused approach of Virgo melts into a pool of spontaneity when something really tugs at the heart. So, during the Virgo New Moon, we can aim to find balance by grounding and showing gratitude to Mother Earth and our connection to all things.

It’s not about striving for perfection to uphold the status quo or feed the ego; it’s about aligning with your own perfect life, whatever it is. New Moons are used to set intentions and wishes. You can write them down and then read them aloud. You can sing your wishes while embracing the present moment and feeling gratitude for your perfect/imperfect journey.

Wish for the new moon, then surrender to the cosmos – watch, listen, and just be. It is believed that in the next six months after the new moon, your wishes will begin to come true if – and only if – they truly match your purpose in this lifetime. Writing, speaking and singing these wishes are our ways of getting behind the wheel and deciding the life we ​​want to live despite the circumstances we may face. When we do, the universe responds by creating divine patterns that reveal our straight path.

So wish, sweet dreamer, knowing these dreams can be your reality.

When is the New Moon 2022 in Virgo?

The new moon in Virgo peaks on August 27 at 4:16 a.m. ET. For any early risers reading this, feel free to start your manifestation when the new moon is at its peak. If you’re not an early riser, no worries – the power of the new moon in Virgo will be present all day and even the next day.

What is the significance of the 2022 New Moon in Virgo?

Virgos often make great healers or health professionals like nurses, doctors, and chiropractors. This is because Virgo rules physical health. So if you need a more balanced and healthier approach to your physical health, tap into your Virgo traits, because we all have them even if Virgo isn’t our Sun or Moon sign. One may wish for a healthier relationship with food or simply establish good health habits in general.

On any creative project, you want to have a Virgo on your team. This earth sign also rules work and creative organization. If you tend to procrastinate or overwork yourself into oblivion, set intentions during the new moon to easily find time for work, hobbies, family, friends, and whatever else you want. Let go of perfectionism and be overly critical of yourself and others wishing to easily lift all self-destructive tendencies and judgments. You can also set the intention of the will to adapt to change and release the need to be right.

Virgos are earthy, so it’s no surprise that the sixth zodiac sign rules the bowels, digestion, constipation, and diarrhea. If you need total healing specific to these areas or ailments, want it during the Virgo New Moon.

What is the spiritual cleansing prayer to say during the August New Moon in Virgo?

Great Spirit, bless me with the beauty of being grounded in all things. I pray that critical self-judgment gives way to a long overdue self-embrace. Great Mystery, show me the power to invite balance into my life so that I can continue to create greatness while learning to laugh at myself and not take everything too seriously.

Which tarot card goes well with the new moon in Virgo?

The Hermit: For Virgo, this is another type of concentration. The Hermit card rules this earth sign, reminding us how important it can be to focus inward to achieve an overall balanced life.

Which chakra accompanies the new moon in Virgo?

Throat Chakra: Virgo governs the fifth chakra, which is the throat chakra or Vishuddha. This chakra enhances healing and creativity.

Spiritual bath recipe for the new moon in Virgo Baño


Sage and palo santo

Lavender, rosemary, mint or caraway herbs

Himalayan pink salt

Sandalwood, Jasmine or Geranium Essential Oils

Agua de Florida or Florida water

Amethyst, citrine, amazonite, green jade or red jasper crystals

Aster, poppy or buttercup flowers


1. Start moving slowly. Put on some music to help you relax in your space as you prepare your ritual Virgo new moon baño. Light a stick of sage incense and place it on a stand near a window, letting its scent drift through you occasionally at first.

2. Add one to two cups of pink Himalayan salt to warm bath water. Use your hands to stir the salt into the water and whisper your intentions and wishes into your baño. Water is said to have memory, so if you express your wishes in it and then submerge your body, it helps to align things.

3. Next, add a few drops of essential oil to the water. Use a variety if desired, thanking each one you use for its healing properties. Then add a few drops of Florida water.

4. If you have a tub tray, you can create a crystal grid or an altar with your choice of crystals. If you’ve never done a crystal grid before, simply take a deep breath, hold the crystals in your hands and close to your heart, and when you feel ready, start placing them without giving too much thought to where they will go. When you’re done, step back, look at your grid, and give thanks. If you don’t have a tub tray, you can create a grid on the floor or just place your crystals in the room wherever you want.

5. Take your choice of flowers and use the petals to cover the top of your spiritual baño or place them in a vase where you can easily see them while you soak in your bath.

6. When everything is ready, just before immersing yourself in this beautiful baño, light a stick of palo santo, the sacred tree that helps trap the purified energy created by sage smoke.

7. With the scent of palo santo filling the air, slowly and carefully immerse your body in the spiritual baño, soaking for 20-40 minutes, remembering the laser sharpness of Virgo and the power to spin it towards the inside.