Which dish makes a lasting impression?

With three home cooks remaining, the finale of The Great American Recipe seems like the culmination of an impeccable culinary celebration. While there have been a few missteps, tears, or even broken food processors along the way, the heart of this PBS culinary competition was clear in every dish. Who will win the coveted title of The Great American Recipe?

According to PBS, The Great American Recipe finale includes the following:

It’s time for the season finale as the three remaining cooks compete to win “The Great American Recipe.” They’ll have surprise helpers for their last chance to impress the judges with a very special dinner.

While this description doesn’t reveal many details, a few things have become apparent throughout the season. Robin regained her confidence challenge after challenge. After going slightly under the radar at first, she impressed the judges.

From blending her Syrian roots into a multi-faceted dish or giving the judges a version of Thanksgiving, her creativity on a plate was celebrated. At the same time, she never lost sight of the real story, bringing family traditions to the table.

With Silva, she immediately impressed the judges with her bold flavors. Always true to his roots, the Mexican-inspired dishes transmitted his passion for cooking. From well-known dishes to more traditional offerings, she has always been at the forefront.

Finally, Foo learned to adapt and apply the judges’ comments. More importantly, every challenge seems to show her cooking from the heart. Whether it’s spring rolls given to her by her mother or a recipe from her sister, the stories have inspired a taste journey.

Only one will be the winner of The Great American Recipe. Be sure to watch Friday, August 12 on PBS to see. And, favorite dishes will be available in the accompanying cookbook.