Washington Post’s ‘blasphemous’ fattoush recipe angers Arabs

LONDON: Language app Ling has launched a new initiative allowing users to get free Arabic lessons ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off in November in Qatar.

The Thailand-based company offers users full access to its premium Arabic language course, which includes 50 lessons from beginner to advanced.

“As a language learning app, we love seeing people come together and connect, even if they come from different cultures, backgrounds and speak completely different languages,” said Tanawat Prom, Head of business development and partnerships at Ling, to Arab News. “As more than one million visitors are expected to travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup this year, we want to provide an easy and accessible platform for travelers to learn Arabic before their trip. “

Lessons will have a new unit designed specifically for football fans and more features to commemorate the World Cup season.

FIFA has released a list of basic Arabic words and phrases as part of its efforts to prepare fans heading to the tournament.

“The official FIFA website provides basic Arabic words and phrases, but we believe knowing football-specific terms will help travelers and sports fans much more,” Prom said. “In this way, users can learn about basic vocabulary associated with football, such as how to say goalkeeper, extra time, etc. There are also several dialogues in the lessons for describing a game, talking about the score, celebrating the winning team, etc.

Earlier this year, Ling announced an initiative offering Ukrainian lessons to its users around the world.

It also unlocked its app for Ukrainian speakers “with the firm hope of improving their situation, providing the resources needed to effectively learn a new language,” according to a statement.

App users have the opportunity to improve their conversation skills through an AI chatbot, with the AI ​​teacher immediately correcting pronunciation and providing dialogue practice at the end of each lesson.