Princess Diana loved the apricot pancake soufflé – the royal chef shares the recipe

Diana, Princess of Wales, enjoyed many of the desserts made at Kensington Palace, but her “favourite” was a pancake soufflé topped with apricot jam. Darren McGrady, who worked in royal palaces as a chef between 1982 and 1993, now runs a YouTube channel where he reveals royal anecdotes about working for the Queen and the late Princess Diana. In the film Spencer starring Kristen Stewart as the princess, she could be seen asking chef Darren McGrady for his favorite dessert – apricot soufflé pancake.

Pour into molds and bake until puffed and golden.

The molds should take 8-10 minutes for the 4-inch ones, 15-20 minutes for the 9-inch molds, and 20-25 minutes for a casserole.

Heat the apricot jam and pass it through a sieve.

Place one of the shuffles on a serving platter, pour some hot jam over it and place the second on top.

Pour more jam. Serve immediately.

Darren said in his YouTube video: “It’s a dish that Princess Diana loved, so when she came to the Queen’s I always put it on the menu.

“The Queen always had a choice of two puddings so I had to put one on the menu that the Queen didn’t like or didn’t want to pass up.

“She would put a line in that one – usually something like prune bread!

“So that meant Princess Diana was going to get the pancake soufflé.

“I know it was sneaky, but the queen also loved pancake soufflé, so they both got to enjoy it!”