Nagpur: recipe in preparation to revive the culinary culture of the transgender community | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: Celebrity chef Vishnu Manohar aims to revive the little-known but rich culinary culture of the transgender community through a unique cooking competition for them spread across six cities in Maharashtra starting June 6 in Pune and ending in the city June 15.
Manohar, who also played a transgender character in a film, wants food connoisseurs to explore the community’s hidden skills in preparing delicacies “that once held pride of place in the subcontinent’s vibrant food culture”. “The kings preferred to put the transgender members in charge of their cooking and the safety of the queen. Transgender people were known for their unique cooking style and skills,” Manohar said.
Manohar’s ‘Vishnuji Ki Rasoi’ will be the venue for the grand final in Nagpur where two finalists will battle it out for the title.
Citing the epic Mahabharata, Manohar said Arjuna created a special place for the community while living disguised as Brihannala, a transgender, in the Kingdom of Virata for a year to teach his princess arts.
The concept of the cooking competition for the transgender community struck Mahohar while he was traveling in Pune. “A transgender person who came to my car window for alms began to appreciate my contributions to the culinary arts. The transgender person also said that she eagerly followed my recipes,” he said .
“The incident reminded me of the special place of transgender people in history as royal leaders and also my experience of working with members of the Gondia community in the restaurant industry. I approached the gurus (chefs) from different akhadas to send their members to the cooking competition. The response has been overwhelming,” said the top chef who is also well known for his many TV cooking shows and other events.
Manohar said there will be two primary rounds in Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad and Jalgaon where participants will be asked to bring cooked food from home for us to judge. “All round trip travel and accommodation expenses for Grand Final finalists will be covered,” he said.
“Expert cooks will train the finalists in food carving before the final, which they can use in their presentations to the judges,” Manohar said, adding that special children will assist the finalists, which would be one of the unique features. of the final.
The chef said famous transgender people like Kadambari from Pune and Gauri Sawant from Mumbai were invited for the final.