Joint BBQ Brunswick Stew Recipe Brings the Sweet Heat | Life

If you’ve been looking forward to trying new twists on an old classic at Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee, Kate and Judd Foster have something for you in the meantime.

The Stewbilee Planning Committee decided to postpone January’s signature event at Mary Ross Park last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally set for October, the date was moved to January 29. Postponed yet again, the date continues to be a moving target.

“We haven’t announced anything, we’re seeing what’s happening with the (COVID) numbers,” said Teeple Hill, chairman of the planning committee. “The reason we postponed is because the COVID numbers have gone up and the number of teams has gone down.”

It takes about 20 teams to put on the event, Hill said. Fourteen committed initially and seven signed provisionally. During the holidays, however, the number of teams entered fell to nine.

But there will be a Stewbilee, Hill said. The committee rotates for a while in the spring.

With Saturday’s event postponed, stew lovers will have to look elsewhere to find their fix.

Kate Foster is very proud of her Brunswick stew recipe, however, and offers it to those who want to try something new.

Unless you’ve been to South of Heaven on Altama Avenue, you haven’t eaten their Brunswick Stew yet. The Fosters haven’t had the chance to show it at events like the Stewbilee since it opened in July 2021, but not for lack of trying.

In addition to most events being canceled due to COVID-19, the facility also opened just in time for a labor shortage that put a damper on hospitality and service businesses during the last year. Currently staffed by three people – the Fosters and someone to work the counter – the BBQ hasn’t had much of a presence beyond the restaurant itself.

What they would have come in, however, is spicy, sweet, robust and, for lack of a better word, bigger – bigger chunks of meat, bigger beans and more spice than your standard stew recipe.

What Kate considered among the highlights of this stew were the Cannellini beans, which easily fit the criteria for a large bean.

“I’ve always preferred large beans, and I really like this recipe,” Kate said.

It also incorporates South of Heaven’s Peach Mustard Sauce, which is a bit like Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce combined with peaches and a little extra brown sugar, and Muddy River BBQ Sauce, a Southern style sauce. which incorporates Richland Rum cane syrup instead of the more standard molasses.

Originally from Atlanta, Kate said she was basically born with a taste for hot, sweet flavors, which she really wanted to nurture when developing her own Brunswick stew recipe when South of Heaven opened. Last year.

“You can’t have a restaurant in Brunswick without having Brunswick stew on the menu,” Kate said.

It’s hotter and sweeter than your average stew, she says, but it’s still Brunswick stew at heart and a true Southern dish.

“When you walk in and smell the stew cooking, you can’t mistake it for anything else,” Judd said of praising Kate’s dish.

Although they have standard measurements, Kate said she prefers seasoning to taste and encouraged anyone who tries the recipe to mix it up, if they wish.

Southern Heaven Brunswick Stew

2 cups peach mustard sauce

2 cups Muddy River barbecue sauce

Top with a pound of slow-cooked pork or beef brisket

Mix the sauces and ingredients together in a large saucepan and cook with the pan covered over medium heat for 30 minutes, adding water as needed to keep the sauce at your desired thickness. After 30 minutes, uncover the stew and cook until the beans are tender. Let cool and serve.