‘Gulab jamun chat’ recipe video goes viral, netizens want to remove it from menu as soon as possible

Image source: TWITTER/@SUDHIR31914746

Cat recipe video goes viral on social media

Gulab jamun chat is the latest recipe offered that people don’t seem to want. The meeting of two favorite recipes – cat and gulab jamun – does not inspire the taste buds of many Internet users. Previously, a similar fusion recipe was prepared using chena rasgulla and netizens found it cringe-worthy. Many were shocked watching gulab jamun chat video. Some wanted to taste this unique dish and learn how it was served locally. Another section of the internet couldn’t stomach watching the video, let alone tasting the recipe.

Gulab jamun chat is a real dish!

Many were shocked to know the name of gulab jamun cat. In the video shared on Twitter, gulab jamun is spread out on a serving plate. Then, instead of being served, it is topped with sweet curd and chutney and garnished with sev and other “cat” items. As much as people would have liked to keep the recipe off the menu, the video garners praise for the variety the food stand offers. The only way to know what the gulab jamun cat looks like, you will have to visit this unique food stall.

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Netizens don’t want to taste gulab jamun cat

Some foodies couldn’t stand the sight of two classic Indian dishes being ‘destroyed’ and they didn’t want their taste buds to be feasted on this dish. One social media user wrote of gulab jamun’s chat video, “I’m sure these people won’t try such nonsense with Biriyani (sic).”

Other Twitter users also shared their version of locally served “fusion dishes”, which also didn’t look very tempting. One particular was a sandwich served with chocolate and chocolate cream as a filling. Sharing the video of the weird food video, the Twitter user commented, “Someone call the police (sic).”

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