Daphne Oz’s Caesar salad recipe omits a key ingredient

Daphne Oz’s eggless Caesar dressing gets its flavor from other ingredients, according to her TikTok Publish. The recipe includes mashed garlic, dried mustard, kosher salt, chopped anchovies, mashed capers (and their brine), Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, olive, red wine vinegar, honey and grated parmesan. She finishes it with fresh ground pepper and grated parmesan. (Oz does not add croutons.)

Some of Oz’s followers called out the host for his use of the “#vegetarian” hashtag because the dish contains anchovies. However, the majority of reviewers wanted to know where Oz got the beautiful wooden salad bowl and its matching paddle serving utensils, while others questioned its cheese selection, saying Romano was the best option.

Many were ready for the recipe, with comments like “I need this salad right away” and “My family loved this!” One grateful follower commented: “I don’t eat Caesar salad because of the dressing…I can’t handle the eggs…thank you so much for this recipe[.] I will definitely try it.”

Other fans wrote, “This salad looks like heaven!!!!” and “I just did it. Fantastic. Thank you.” Another noted that they preferred the sour version of Caesar of Oz dressing over the creamy versions.

More than one reviewer has argued that the Caesar salad isn’t complete without the croutons, but one said the Oz salad goes well with roast chicken and roasted vegetables. Another suggested topping this salad with a piece of salmon.