Best cookbooks for healthy eating in 2022: 11 recipe books for a healthy boost

Maisie Bovingdon

For most people, when the New Year hits, we are committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle; whether it’s eating cleaner, giving up alcohol or chocolate, trying Veganuary, or even jump-starting your fitness regimen.

Although we do not encourage you to lose weight, go on a crash diet or go on a fad weight loss diet, and only want our readers to feel happy and confident in their bodies, for some eating a bit cleaner or making conscious swaps when it comes to certain ingredients, is their goal.

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Some may be looking to opt for a plant-based meal plan, while others may want to find a healthy swap to replace their favorite takeaways, which will also benefit their purse strings.

However, others may just want to brush up on their cooking skills this year, and there are plenty of recipes to check out below to impress your friends or family.

For those looking to really shake up their lifestyle with a healthy meal plan, as well as workout inspiration, there are also cookbooks with exercise plans, so you can enjoy of the entire job in no time.

The main thing is: do what makes you feel good!

The doctor’s kitchen

The Doctor’s Kitchen is written by NHS doctor Dr Rupy Aujla and is the essential healthy eating cookbook for kicking bad eating habits and eating tasty yet healthier food, backed by science. This cookbook combines Dr. Aujla’s medical knowledge with his knowledge of food and how it can help with weight loss, but also our health, because he too changed his diet when he was diagnosed with a disease cardiac.

dr rupy

The Doctor’s Kitchen by Dr Rupy Aujla, £11.30, Amazon


Deliciously Ella Quick & Easy: Herbal Delights

Deliciously Ella is famous for transforming her entire lifestyle to follow a plant-based diet after being diagnosed with wasting postural tachycardia syndrome, which left her struggling with chronic fatigue, stomach issues and arterial hypertension. Since then, Ella Woodward – now Mills – has published numerous plant-based cookbooks, as well as her own restaurant and food.

For those looking to try a vegan lifestyle, include more plant-based meals in their diet, or completely overhaul their diet, this new healthy eating cookbook is packed full of easy-to-make recipes to help you on your way. your way, with the addition of self-care tips too.


Deliciously Ella Quick & Easy: Herbal Delights, £19.99, Amazon


East: 120 Easy and Delicious Asian-Inspired Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

They say it’s important to eat your greens, and for those who need a little help whipping up tasty vegetarian or vegan dishes, Meera Sodha has you covered.

This cookbook features over 100 Asian-inspired dishes, so rest assured that your healthy vegetarian feasts will be full of flavor.


East: 120 easy and delicious Asian-inspired vegetarian and vegan recipes, £13.99, Amazon


Jo Wicks The Fat Loss Plan

Of course, no roundup of healthy eating or fitness would be complete without mentioning the country’s favorite healthy living ambassador, Joe Wicks.

Joe is famous for his quick and effective workouts, as well as quick and easy healthy meals the whole family can enjoy. While Lean In 15 lbs is arguably his most popular, for those serious about losing weight, The Fat Loss Plan, which includes 100 new recipes, plus five different workouts, might be the easy-to-follow solution to help you out. to your healthy journey.

joe wicks

The Fat Loss Plan by Joe Wicks, £12.99, Amazon


Happy Healthy Strong: The secret to staying fit for life

Krissy This inspired us with her workouts, and her recent post Happy Healthy Strong combines her various exercise plans with tips on how to eat well and display a positive mindset to help you achieve your goals. of weight loss.


Happy Healthy Strong: The Secret to Staying Fit for Life by Krissy Cela, £13.31, Amazon


Eat healthy

The Eat Yourself Healthy book by Dr. Megan Rossi, registered dietitian and Gut Health Clinic consultant, is a guide to creating tasty, healthy recipes that are kinder to your gut. She uses her medical knowledge to debunk myths and offer advice on common conditions, such as IBS and bloating, that can make it difficult to lose weight.

Megan Rossi

Eat Yourself Healthy by Dr Megan Rossi, £12.69, Amazon


Pinch of name: 100 homemade slimming recipes

Pinch of Nom is one of the best-selling cookbooks out there, and this one in particular is specifically curated with an abundance of healthy recipes to help you eat better this year.

It includes a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes, so you can get creative in the kitchen.

pinch of name

Pinch of name: 100 slimming home recipes, £10, Amazon


The 5 weeks of Davina without sugar

Davina McCall has come a long way to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and she’s certainly reaped the benefits.

Sugar can be the cause of weight gain and other health issues, so slowly cutting it from your diet can be the key to shedding those stubborn pounds.

davina mccall

Davina’s 5 Weeks Sugar Free, £10.50, Amazon


The Diabetes Weight Loss Cookbook

For those with diabetes, this cookbook may be helpful, as author Giancarlo Caldesi, his wife Katie, and nutritionist Jenny Phillips share tips and meal plans for adopting a low-carb diet, which has been the key to overcoming Giancarlo’s own battle with Type 2. Diabetes.


The Diabetes Weight Loss Cookbook, £10.99, Amazon


Carbs and Calories Very Low Calorie Recipes and Meal Plans

For those who like to count calories to monitor their eating habits, this recipe book can save you the effort, as it comes with low carb and low calorie meals to help you reach your target weight.


Carbs and Calories Very Low Calorie Recipes and Meal Plans, £9.66, Amazon


The World’s Fittest Cookbook

The World’s Fittest Cookbook is a new version by Sunday Times bestselling author Ross Edgley, which is available to order now.

This cookbook is ideal for those looking for high-protein diets and recipes that claim to aid performance. Ross studied professional athletes and the military to find out which diets fueled their intense workout and fitness plans, all of which are shared in this healthy cookbook.


The world’s most suitable cookbook, £10, Amazon


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